Top 10 Halloween Tricks & Pranks for a Spooktacular Time!

Halloween is creeping around the corner, so this is a golden opportunity for us to walk you through the top 10 best candy tricks & pranks to play on your buddies. At American Candy Co, we love to have a good laugh, so get your notepad ready to take some notes on some seriously fun pranks that will leave you and your victims in stitches! Get ready for a ghoulishly good time as we dive into the world of playful spookiness!

Here is our list of the top 10 tricks & pranks you can play this Halloween season! 

1. Toothpaste Treat

Oreo, Oreo Toothpaste

This prank will require some discretion, but essentially the point is to give your victims a mouthful of toothpaste! Grab a few Oreos from your cupboard and swap out the white creme centre with a little toothpaste surprise. Watch their faces as they take a bite of what they think is a regular Oreo and are met with an unexpected minty freshness!

2. Gummy Worm Overload: A sweet surprise in their shoes!

Gummy worms, Gummy worm prank, Halloween prank

Grab a pack of chewy gummy worms, and while they're not looking, place a few gummy worms inside their shoes! They'll be in for a squishy and ticklish treat when they slip them on! They may not get to enjoy the sweet treat, but they’ll surely remember the experience! 

3. Invisible Candy Wrapper

Halloween Prank, candy wrapper

This trick will require a bit of scotch tape and some patience. Take the tape and wrap a candy bar with the clear tape to make it look like it's still sealed. Offer it to a friend, and watch their confusion as they try to unwrap an "invisible" candy! They’ll be frustrated by the candy wrapper, but once they get through the tape, they’ll have a delicious candy bar to enjoy – this includes both the trick and treat! 

4. Faux-Candy Apple: Trick or "treat" them to a fruity surprise!

Halloween prank

This one might sting if you’re on the receiving end of it, but the perpetrators will surely get a good laugh out of it! All you have to do is dip a small onion in caramel, then roll it in crushed nuts to mimic a candy apple. Hand it to an unsuspecting victim and watch their reactions as they discover the savory truth!

5. Balloon Candy Blast 

halloween prank, candy balloon

This prank is less painful for the victim and is actually quite fun for everyone involved! Similar to a Piñata, fill a balloon with small candies, inflate it, and tie it off. When they pop the balloon, candies will rain down on them, creating a sugary storm of surprise! 

6. Jiggly Gummy Worm Switcheroo

halloween prank, gummy worms

Trick your friends with a wormy Halloween surprise! Grab a pack of gummy worms and remove the actual worms, replacing them with realistic-looking toy worms. Watch as your pals dig into what they think are gummy treats, only to be greeted by some wiggly, unexpected guests! Just make sure to have a camera ready to capture their hilarious reactions.

7. Candy Swap Challenge 

halloween prank

Have you ever heard of Beanboozled? Well, this will be your own DIY version of that game you can use to prank your buddies! Blindfold your friends and have them try a "mystery" candy. Replace the candy with unexpected flavors like mustard or pickle. Their taste buds will be in for a wild ride!

8. Fortune Teller Candy

halloween prank

If you’re feeling mystic or just a tad silly, you can write funny and quirky "fortunes" on small pieces of paper, wrap them around candies, and offer them as Halloween predictions. The giggles will be endless as they reveal their candy-coated futures! 

9. Spooky "Bugged" Lollipops

halloween prank, halloween candy prank

Prepare a bunch of lollipops for your Halloween trickery. Attach tiny plastic bugs to the sticks using adhesive. Offer these lollipops to your unsuspecting victims, and watch their faces turn from delight to shock as they discover a creepy-crawly surprise. This prank is a fun way to add a touch of Halloween spookiness to your candy stash!

10. The Vanishing Candy Bowl

halloween prank, candy prank

Create an enchanted candy bowl that seems to make candy disappear right before your friends' eyes! Get a clear bowl and fill it with colorful candy. Attach a thin, clear string to a piece of candy and hold the other end discreetly. When someone tries to grab a treat, give the string a gentle tug to make the candy "disappear." Their puzzled expressions will be pure Halloween magic!

These tricks and pranks will have everyone in stitches, and the memories will be just as sweet as the treats. Remember, pranks are all in good fun, so make sure to have a good laugh together afterward and share your favourite Halloween memories! 

Happy tricking and treating, candy enthusiasts!