Our Top 10 Halloween Candy Picks For 2023!

Calling all Halloween candy enthusiasts and trick or treaters. As we approach the spooky season, now is the perfect time for us to share our top picks for Halloween while we have ample stock. The American Candy Co team have carefully curated their top 10 favourite Halloween candies for the 2023 season and this guide is here to help you decide what to add to your shopping basket! From classic favourites from Brach's to delectable newcomers from Sour Patch Kids, we're sure to have you covered.

1. Brach's Classic Candy Corn

Brachs classic candy corn 312g

Brach's Classic Candy Corn delivers on the iconic taste and unique texture of a classic Halloween treat thats been a fan favourite for generations. Brach's Candy Corn is only released during the autumn/fall season and is perfect to kickstart the Halloween season at home. Halloween isn't complete without candy corn so make your memories that bit sweeter.

2. Sour Patch Kids Apple Harvest

Try the newest additon to the Halloween 2023 lineup, Sour Patch Kids Apple Harvest. These tasty little confections are chewy treats consisting of cranberry apple, apple cider and caramel apple flavoured candies that turn from sour to sweet. Ideal for those craving a sour punch, Sour Patch Kids Apple Harvest will definitely add some puckered faces to your Halloween night.

3. Peeps Marshamallow Ghosts

These ghost shaped marshmallow treats from Peeps are cute, quirky and so delicious it's scary! Peeps have been a marshmallow favourite for over 60 years and these are guaranteed to make the perfect addition to your Halloween candy supply. Can be used in recipes or as scary decorations for cakes and other desserts.

4. Werther's Caramel Apple Filled Hard Candies

werthers original caramel apple filled 75g

The classic Werther's Original caramel hard candy we all know and love with a creamy caramel apple filling. This candy delivers a punchy caramel apple flavour synonymous with the autumn/fall season. Werther's use only the finest ingredients, made with real butter and fresh cream for a one of a kind taste. These have been a hit around the office so be sure to grab these while you can!

5. Junior Mints Spooky Theatre Box

Junior mints halloween theatre box 99g

When your sweet tooth is craving both the rich taste of dark chocolate as well as the fresh, cool flavour of peppermint, nothing's better than Junior Mints. A creamy, refreshingly light mint centre surrounded with just the right amount of rich dark chocolate. This all time American classic will be a crowd pleaser that'll have trick-or-treaters coming back for seconds. 

6. Ghost Dots

Ghost dots theatre box

During Halloween, many trick-or-treaters could become overwhelmed with the amount of chocolate they receive, so it’s best to mix it up! Ghost Dots are small, white domed candies looks like little white ghosts, but what makes them un-BOO-lieveable is each candy is a different fruity mystery flavour.

7. Red Vines Candy Corn Twists

red vines candy corn

Soft, chewy and vine shaped twists bursting with sweet candy corn flavour. These classic chews are sure to put a smile on your face, and are perfect for snacking on or sharing with the family. As always, there's no preservatives and they're always fat free. Even more reason not to feel too guilty after you chew through a whole packet.

8. Reese's White Chocolate Pumpkins

Reese's white chocolate pumpkins

Get ready for a sweet Halloween night with Reese's peanut butter white creme pumpkins. Yes, it's the same peanut butter and white creme you love but in fun, Halloween shaped designs. Incorporate these fun peanut butter shapes into your homemade Halloween treats or add them as toppers to your favourite deserts.

9. Sour Box Of Boogers 

sour box of boogers theatre box

Another new addition to our 2023 Halloween range is this Sour Box of Boogers. A unique but delectable treat that is sure to tantalise your taste buds. This product features a combination of sour and sweet flavours, expertly crafted to resemble the texture and appearance of boogers. With its playful packaging, this product is sure to be a hit with snack lovers everywhere.

10. Warheads Sour Body Parts

warheads sour body parts

Last on our list are these Warheads Sour Gummy Body Parts that consist of sour gummy candies shaped like various body parts, including fingers, ears, and brains. Infused with Warheads signature sour and tangy flavour, these are perfect for sharing with the family. If you're looking for a fun and unique candy to add to your Halloween night, Warheads Gummy Body Parts are the perfect choice.